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This announcement should have been made back in February, but here it is.

I’m a giant nerd.  I like movies, TV shows, comic books & video games.  I love talking about those things and staying abreast on all the latest news.  It’s what I do in my free time.  So I decided to combine that love with my love of writing.  So now, I write about those things, give you my perspective on those things, and share my love with others who love them, too.


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It’s a place where nerds and those who love them can gather and share experiences.  If you like movies and TV shows, if you play video games, you’re going to want to know about that stuff.  Come and know about it with me.

Make it your homepage.  Share your thoughts and opinions with us.

And then check back here often, because I do have more of those writing projects you love being worked on as we speak.