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Posted: January 11, 2018 in Uncategorized
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It’s been an interesting evening.  I had a few conversations with old friends, one with a new friend.  All of these conversations had one thing in common: commenting on my facebook picture — me at the gun range shooting a SIG 550 assault rifle.

I’m not a gun guy.  I’d like to be.

The truth is, before I started writing and researching the novels, I never really knew much about guns at all.  I had a very outdoorsy step-father while in high school, and he took me shooting a couple of times: pistol, shotgun.  He had a 22 rifle.  We even tried his compound bow.

My interest in guns began with Swift.  With Jono, I had a guy who, for all intents and purposes, was just an average schmuck.  He regularly went toe-to-toe with gods and monsters, but he had no magical abilities like other Urban Fantasy protagonists.  What he had, were a bunch of big-ass guns.

Swift’s guns were a pair of Glocks and a Mossberg 500 12-gauge shotgun.

Then there’s Grace – a TP-82 Soviet combination rifle — and Glory, the gun from my Facebook photo.

In writing the books, I learned that a buddy of mine had a small arsenal compiled, and we went shooting.  The SIG is his.  The FN5-7 and six-shooter on my Facebook page are all his.  And, especially while writing book two, he would give me new weapons to write.  In exchange, I based a character off of him.  He served as my gun guy.  It made sense that Swyftt, who went through ammo pretty regularly, would also have a gun guy.  That his gun guy wouldn’t exactly be your run-of-the-mill character.  So London Ixit was born.

London debuts toward the middle of book two, and he makes a splash with his debut.  It should be noted that London is not my friend, simply a caricature.  London’s fun for me for one reason: ever pick up a bad habit from a someone you spend a bit of time with?  Where Swyftt talks about his guns and cars as women and swears up a storm, London is that times twenty.  Just a normal human and possibly a little too whacked out to be a poster boy for the NRA.

For Christmas, my wife got me a gun safe.  I don’t own a gun yet, but I intend to buy one in the near future.  The safe was a prerequisite, as we have small children. I’ve decided what I want my first gun to be, but I’ve also been told that it might a bit too ambitious for a first gun.

I want an M1911 Colt 45.  Last time we went shooting, I was hitting clay pigeons at 50 yards with an M1911.  The Colts are what Austin Finnegan, the Catholic Priest in The Midnight Defenders uses.  It’s also the gun of choice for Dean Winchester on TV’s Supernatural.  It felt good in my hands.