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I just had to stop today and dream a little bit.

A passion project of mine, has and always will be, the team of superheroes I created in high school. It’s a project that is always on the periphery of my mind. It’s something very near and dear to me. I’m a superhero guy. I’m a comic book nerd, through and through. In fact, the Midnight Defenders series began as an idea for a comic book, to happen in the same world as the Enemas. That’s the title of the group. The Enemas.

Their origins debut in the Gulf War. The early stories take place in the 90s. In fact, I have 20 years of backstory for the Enemas, as well as a dozen or so other superhero teams that exist in their world. That’s a LOT. Keeping that much confined only to the periphery of my mind is no small feat. It wants to be front and center. It begs me in my sleep to tell the story. So, for a small glimmer of relief from the demons in my head, here’s just a snippet of things to come:

The Enemas
Platoon 439 of the US Army was stationed in Iraq during the Gulf War. Captain Jacob Tartar, nicknamed Captain Enema, due to the nearly-fabled tale of the enemy camp shitting themselves when they saw him coming. That only happened once, and it wasn’t the entire camp, just most of them. Subsequently, his platoon earned the nickname, The Enemas.

When Tartar’s commanding officer and surrogate father-figure, General Alexander, becomes a POW, Tartar and his men go AWOL, defying direct orders, to rescue the general. However, what they find in the desert nearly cost them their lives.

Officially, Captain Tartar and his men were KIA. They had military funerals for their families. Unofficially, ten soldiers survived, and they were the first subjects of a top-secret military program called Project: Darkseed.

In the world of the Enemas, superheroes were a reality, though they had been disbanded and outlawed after the Cold War. In the 90s, no such heroes existed, and the greatest legacy heroes, like The Amazingness, went back home to his planet. The rest, just fell off the grid.

The US Government, hearing rumblings that other countries were undergoing operations to bring back people with abilities, using them as an army of super soldiers, as a weapon more powerful and with fewer casualties than nuclear warheads, gathered the greatest minds they could recruit to come up with their own program. Darkseed was spearheaded by Doctor Vladimir Craighorne, and it was designed to bring to light a person’s inner strengths that had “been germinating in the darkness of the human soul.”

Of the ten soldiers, only one died during the process. With only one confirmed success, the other eight were given new identities, new memories, and sent back into the world to live normal lives, although being closely monitored. The first to develop abilities and called back to Darkseed were:

-Captain Enema – Jacob Tartar, forcefields and energy blasts
-The Caped Avenger – Linus Maguire, random useless abilities, such as running in slow motion, changing his hair, and pulling mashed potatoes from his pants
-Meridian – Sarah Foster, telekinesis, limited telepathy
-Kodiak – Charlie Anderson, super strength, invulnerability, and increased senses

They joined the first success, Scanner – Aaron Takeshi, whose computer-brain abilities made any new memory implants impossible to stick. Together, they search for the other four Darkseed soldiers who have mysteriously gone dark, and tackle other threats along the way. All while trying to remember what really happened that day in the desert and what the US Government and the mysterious Falcon Gyre aren’t at liberty to tell them.

I have the scripts for the first ten issues written. I have many more outlined. I have plans for a dozen or more story arcs, each containing multiple issues. Eventually, I have it mapped out in my head to become an entire Universe of superheroes. But the journey of a thousand heroes begins with the first one.

Captain Enema.

I pray you’ll meet him soon.