Short Stories

For now, the following Short Stories are either Kindle exclusives, or coming soon to Kindle:


A Swyftt-centric story.

Takes place just prior to the events of The Dark Communion. Swyftt and Ape are hired to stop a rampaging centaur in a hospital.

Available on here:  Synder


The Confessor

 A Finnegan-centric story, part 1.

Takes place following the events of The Dark Communion.

 Austin Finnegan is a busy man, being both a Catholic Priest and a  Night Hunter with the Hand of Shanai.  Usually, those two jobs work in tandem.

But what happens when his role with the Hand comes into direct conflict with his position as a priest.  Everything changes with just one confession.

Available on here: The Confessor


One of the Damned

A Finnegan-centric story, part 2.

Takes place following the events of The Confessor.

Finnegan is sent to the town of Valentine, Nebraska to investigate a string of murders where the victims are killed by heart-tipped arrows. What he finds in Valentine, however, is not what he expected, but a ghost from his past and a decision to make about his future.


Available on here: One of the Damned


Keeper of the Faith

kotf cover copy

A Finnegan-centric story, part 3.

Takes place following the events of One of the Damned.

After being falsely accused of trying to kill the Pope, Austin Finnegan’s problems only got worse. Now it’s a race against time to try and catch the real assassin.

But can he do it without getting caught himself… Or pulverized by the Pope’s elite Templar guards… Or murdered by a secretive sect of reptilian killers…?

Just a typical weekend in Philadelphia.

Between banging bitches, burning bridges, and beating bad guys, the ex-priest will need to depend on his wits and his few remaining allies to get him through it alive.

Available on here: Keeper of the Faith


Midnight Midget Porn

An Ape-centric story

Ten years prior to the events of The Dark Communion.  Jonothan Swyftt has only recently parted ways with the Hand of Shanai and struggles to jump-start his solo business while raising his newly-acquired ward.

In their first case together, can Swyftt and Ape figure out what’s been haunting a local church?


Coming soon to


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