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The Dark CommunionBook 1 of the Midnight Defenders

When Daddy, Gramps, drunk Uncle Billy…whoever it was, looked at you when you were a little kid, blankets around your neck, trembling in bed, sure-as-shit convinced that there was something out to get you under your box-spring, in your closet, and they told you there wasn’t anything there – that monsters didn’t exist – they were lying to you.

Jono Swyftt knows this because that’s what he does. He kills things. Bad things. Nightmare things: Orcs, trolls, haunts, gnomes…the bloody Easter Bunny. Swyftt was a copper, a priest, a Night Hunter, a husband, a father. Now he’s just a burnt-out PI with an arsenal of big-ass guns – an unrepentant foul-mouth who keeps everyone at arms length – and yet, whether your problem is a mating orgy of Cyclopes, a murderous imaginary friend, or a strip club full of horny Sirens, everyone from US Senators to Julia Roberts knows he’s the one man to call.

When a high-school student hires him to find a missing autistic boy and a catatonic billionaire runs away from a nursing home, it’s up to Swyftt, his partner, and his ward to piece together the clues and stop the nightmare that’s feeding on the city with an underground ring of serial-kidnapping bums. But that’s what Swyftt does. He’s the very last line of paranormal defense in the greater Seattle area.

And he ain’t bloody cheap.

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The Stars Never RiseBook 2 of the Midnight Defenders

Desperation can drive anyone to make a deal with the devil, but ittsnr takes a
healthy dose of crazy to double-cross him.

It’s been a long few months for Jono Swyfft, wasting away in the Underground with his late daughter. When a brutal murder forces him from her side. his inner demons must take a back seat to a menagerie of more tangible terrors.

A massive troll rampages through the city. A horny harpy with deadly talons develops an appetite for private dick. A mysterious Italian mobster may hold the secrets of Ape’s past.

Swyftt isn’t afraid of these things, of course… All he needs is the know-how and a bigger arsenal. He’s made a career out of facing the darkness, flipping it the bird, and blowing its brains out. But when a dark and powerful being offers him the one thing he truly wants, Swyfft finds his fear… Not in the monsters, but in the terrible choices he must make.

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The Ballad Nocturne – Book 3 of the Midnight Defenders

It was supposed to be a simple missing person case. Nothing crazy, just a college girl who never came back from a camping trip… But nothing is ever simple for Jono Swyfft. TBN mobi cover

First there was the giant horse-man, then the voodoo priestess, the bigfoot, and the mud golem. Then things got weird.

Jono can usually handle weird, of course. Weird pays the bills when you’re a paranormal investigator, after all… But when a family member is kidnapped and his home is invaded by trained killers, things go from weird to personal.

With war raging in the Louisiana Bayou and a deadly battle underway in Seattle, Jono must choose between saving his best friend and rescuing his adopted daughter. The dark forces that threaten his world would be wise to remember one thing…

Any man who once lost everything will do anything to avoid losing it all again.

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Benjamin Brooks – Totems and Toadstones – Book 1 in the Fourth-Grade Monster Hunter series for young readers

bb1-coverBenjamin Brooks was not born a monster hunter.

He was just a normal kid, much like you probably are. Nothing special ever happened to him. That is, until he met the new neighbor.

Only a day after moving in next door, Adam tells Ben that something in the forest needs their help, and it opens his world to wonders he had only dreamed of: a giant frog that can drink an entire river, weird turtle-men that like to eat apples, and a grasshopper that plays guitar.

Soon, Ben and Adam find themselves on a race against time to discover the secrets of the forest and stop the evil that stalks after the sun goes down. For a fourth grader, hunting monsters isn’t a job, it’s an adventure.

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A young-adult fantasy that deals with themes of friendship, family and loss.

Coming Spring 2017


Benjamin Brooks – Book 2

Coming Fall 2017


The Moon Never Beams – Book 4 of the Midnight Defenders

Coming Winter 2018

  1. Shawnda says:

    I’m confused as to the order of the Midnight Defenders series of books , I started with Dark Communion then book 2 The Stars Never Rise, but not sure what book is next , if anyone has any suggestions or knows the sequence I would be grateful looking forward to reading more ..
    Thanks SG

    • ruffwriter4 says:

      Hi Shawnda,

      Sorry about the confusion on the book order. Currently, only the 1st 2 novels have been released. I’m hoping to have book 3 out before Christmas. Synder is a short story that takes place prior to the events of The Dark Communion, while The Confessor And One of the Damned (in that order) continue Finnegan’s adventures afterwards.

      I appreciate your support for the books and the characters. I’m working as fast as I can to feed your fix. Currently, I’m writing 2 additional short stories (as well as the first book in a YA Fantasy series, set to be out by the end of summer).

      Love hearing from fans. Please feel free to drop a line any time.

      • Shawnda says:

        Thank you for the quick response, I will read Snyder and then continue with the other 2 as I have purchased all three already. Thank you for the great read and adventure look forward to future books. Thanks again .

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