Joey Ruff (1981-present) grew up in Flint, Michigan and now lives in Franklin, Tennessee with his wife, kids, dogs and chickens.

He has written three novels in a planned series of 10 that follows Jonathan Swift, the monster hunter, through present-day Seattle.

He also wrote a book for his son that takes place within this same world.  This series is designed for young readers and written to inspire his 10 year old son to read more: Benjamin Brooks, Fourth-Grade Monster Hunter.  This story follows a new character whose life is suddenly changed when he meets his new neighbor, Adam Gables (from The Dark Communion).  There is currently not a set number of books for this series, but Joey is planning books 2 & 3 right now.

He is seeking representation for his works to reach a broader audience.

If you’d like a deeper look behind the curtain, you can support him on Patreon.

At any given time, he has several new projects in various stages of development, and he always enjoys hearing from his fans.

For questions, comments, and feedback, please write Joey at: ruffwriter4@gmail.com

Follow him on twitter @ruffwriter4

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