The Fourth Grade Monster Hunter

Posted: January 4, 2017 in Uncategorized

Happy New Year everyone!!

The new book has been sent to the printer.  Below, you can see the cover image and the synopsis.

The official street date for this book is 1/16/17, which is the exact same date in 2013 that my first novel, The Dark Communion was published.  Fitting that Adam gets his own adventure four years to the date that he was introduced to the world.

This book is designed for upper-elementary aged students, but takes place in the same world as the other books.  If you are a fan of the Midnight Defenders and you read this with your kids, you will get a broader view of the world that Swyftt lives in.


Benjamin Brooks was not born a monster hunter. He was just a normal kid, much like you probably are. Nothing special ever happened to him. That is, until he met the new neighbor. 
Only a day after moving in next door, Adam tells Ben that something in the forest needs their help, and it opens his world to wonders he had only dreamed of: a giant frog that can drink an entire river, weird turtle-men that like to eat apples, and a grasshopper that plays guitar. 
Soon, Ben and Adam find themselves on a race against time to discover the secrets of the forest and stop the evil that stalks after the sun goes down.  
For a fourth grader, hunting monsters isn’t a job, it’s an adventure.


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