Book 3 – DELAYED

Posted: April 29, 2015 in Uncategorized


It is with a heavy heart that I sit to write this.

When I began the year, I had a list of goals with deadlines.  At the time, it seemed perfectly reasonable to accomplish all of them.  Of course, as it so often does, life got in the way.

At this point, I should be getting ready to publish a children’s book, and Book 3 should have been published back in March.

Well, when you work eight hours a day, come home to help the kids with homework, make dinner, take your daughter to play practice four nights a week, and are building an addition onto your deck on top of it all, it takes its toll.  At the end of the day, I’m spent, exhausted, and passed out while sipping on a Red Bull.

Book 3 is coming.  Beta readers have said it may be the best one so far.  However, book 3 has had its challenges since the beginning.  Not the least of which is dual narrators.  Half the book is from Swyftt’s perspective, as the other two books have been.  The other half is from Ape’s POV.  I want to get it right.  The cover is complete.  Swyftt’s half of the book is 98% edited and complete.  Ape’s half of the book is 60% complete.  There are some significant rewrites to be done on his half of the book, and it’s a bit daunting in light of everything else happening in my life right now.

I promise, the wait is nearly over, and my goal is to have it out for every eager reader by Memorial Day weekend.  I mean, you guys need some poolside reading, am I right?

Guess that means I’ll be working on the children’s book over the summer 🙂

Thank you all for your love, patience, support, and dreams.

Now, for your consideration and to whet your collective appetites, I give you the copy for the back of the book:

It was supposed to be a simple missing person case. Nothing crazy, just a college girl who never came back from a camping trip… But nothing is ever simple for Jono Swyfft.

First there was the giant horse-man, then the voodoo priestess, the bigfoot, and the mud golem. Then things got weird.

Jono can usually handle weird, of course. Weird pays the bills when you’re a paranormal investigator, after all… But when a family member is kidnapped and his home is invaded by trained killers, things go from weird to personal.

With war raging in the Louisiana Bayou and a deadly battle underway in Seattle, Jono must choose between saving his best friend and rescuing his adopted daughter. The dark forces that threaten his world would be wise to remember one thing…

Any man who once lost everything will do anything to avoid losing it all again.

  1. Shannon Turner says:

    Life has a way of putting our carefully made plans awry. Patiently waiting for the new book here in Cookeville, if you’re ever this way & need a Red Bull swing by the Pilot- I’ll give you the “favorite author” discount lol

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