Happy Christmas!

Posted: December 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

As I scroll through my news feed on social media, I keep seeing all of these Christmas YouTube videos, some posted by people I wouldn’t normally expect to be posting religious songs, something occurred to me.

Some will say the magic of December, the magic of the Christmas holiday season, comes from the spirit of giving. People say, “It’s Christmas,” and they do more, they tolerate more, they give more. The truth is, they just think of themselves less, which causes the other things to happen. Others say Christmas is a time of family. Others quote the mantra, Jesus is the reason for the season. Maybe for you, as with many children, the magic is belief in Santa Claus.

Whatever your personal declaration for the wonder and joy, it doesn’t change the fact that there are so many more people across this beautiful, mixed-up country that are more open to the story and the songs of Jesus than any other time of the year.

While it may sound trite and cliche, Jesus really is the reason. He’s at the heart of the celebration of Christmas, despite its pagan trees and Winter Solstice roots (and trust me, I’ve studied them all). He’s the reason we sing. He’s the reason we have joy.

Sure, I know there are plenty of people that are so sad around this time, and I hate that. I imagine those people as starving orphans standing at the window of a bakery, breads and cakes, all freshly baked, proudly on display, but with a price tag they can’t afford, because it’s all the money they have left. They’re sad because they’re reminded of what they don’t have. Maybe it’s a family member that’s been lost. Maybe it’s a missed opportunity throughout the year. Probably, and most simply, it’s that relationship with Jesus Christ. The disconnect leaves you left to cling only to what commercialism is struggling to turn this holiday into: greed, things, stuff, getting. Those are empty things, so naturally, they will leave you sad and unfulfilled. Maybe angry.

I pray the best for you this holiday.

Just know, while it may be interpreted as family or giving, the magic of Christmas is love. It’s always around us, but this time of year, we get out of our own way and let the thing out of its cage. And if we all cared a little bit more about other people and we all would be more accepting of the songs and message of Jesus the other 11 months of the year, then the spirit of Christmas would be the spirit of our lives. Maybe then we would understand that the spirit of Christmas is just the Holy Spirit when he’s welcomed and embraced by the many. Because when the Spirit is allowed to roam, he changes the atmosphere where he is.


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