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A lot of people I know, you ask them who their hero is, they’ll probably say Jesus.

That’s a Sunday School answer.  Jesus is awesome, obviously, but that’s cheating.  It requires no thought.  “But I want to be just like him,” they say.  “I look up to him.”  And you should, don’t get me wrong.  If ever there was a person to look up to and strive to be like, Jesus is the pinnacle.  He was literally flawless. 

As a boy, my first hero was my dad.  To this day, he still is my hero, and there’s several reasons for this.  The first is that he’s real.  I’m not trying to compare my father to Christ, but at the same time, it does kind of sound that way.  I’m not saying my dad is real and Jesus was a fairytale, so don’t leave me nasty comments.  I mean, he’s real.  My dad is relatable.  He’s human.  He makes errors.  The thing about Jesus being perfect is a little off-putting in the sense that I know I can’t be.  I can never truly be like him, and sometimes it’s just like, so why try?  My humanity gets the best of me, no matter how hard I strive to rise above it.   

I look at the life my dad’s come through, the struggles, the heartaches.  I don’t know all of them, but when I put my parents side by side, I see a few shared hardships, and my mom fell off the wagon because she was weak, she gave up.  My dad drifted for a minute, but he came back stronger.  Refined by fire, perhaps.  He’s the most spiritual person I know, and I’m proud of that fact.  I’m proud he’s my dad.  A few years back when I was going through some dark things, people in my life, including certain pastors, turned a blind eye and left me to my own devices.  But not my dad.  We weren’t even living in the same state at the time, but he caught wind of my folly and was the only person to stand up to me, to call my darkness sin, to offer a hand out of it.  I respect him for that in ways I can never fully express.  

Another of my heroes is Trevor McNevan.  Who?  He’s the lead singer of Thousand Foot Krutch.  

Nashville, TN is not just the home to country music, but largely, the Christian music scene.  In the nearly 10 years I’ve lived here, I’ve met Coffee from GRITS, had lunch with Knowdaverbs, served martinis to Steven Curtis Chapman, sang worship with Matthew West and Michael W Smith, went to church with TobyMac, talked CS Lewis with Todd Agnew, catered the wedding of Francesca Battistelli, helped a family move alongside the singer of Christafari, and, currently, work with the guitarist for Ill Harmonics.  There’s gotta be more I’m missing….

All of that to say, the one person I’d really love to meet, Trevor, I haven’t yet.  I hope to.  

Book 5 of the Midnight Defenders will tentatively be titled “The Masquerade” and explore the pagan origins of Mardi Gras and/or Carnivale.  It’s a fascinating subject, and I only bring it up because my soundtrack for that book will, of course, be Thousand Foot Krutch.

When I first moved to Tennessee, I felt alone.  I knew only my folks, and I worked twelve hours a day (literally, I had three jobs).  One night, round midnight, when I got off work, I went to Walmart and just so happened to pick up TFK’s album Phenomenon.  I put that cd in and I didn’t feel alone anymore.  Trevor’s words coming out of my stereo spoke so profoundly to me.  The calling I feel God placed on my heart was the message I heard in the lyrics of his songs.  

Here’s a band who is unashamedly Christian and playing Ozzfest with the best of them. touring with Breaking Benjamin, having songs featured by the NHL.  Being Roman to the Romans.  

If you’re a Christian and you’ve read my books, chances are, even if you agree with what I’m doing, you don’t fully agree with how it’s being carried out, and that’s okay.  But like Teerawk, I’m gonna do my thing and write the stories that have been placed on my heart, whatever form they take.

Who knows, maybe one day, I’ll help inspire others. 



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