Free Time with Legos

Posted: January 8, 2014 in Uncategorized
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My brother and I had a random conversation about the need for Lego to make sets based on the Midnight Defenders.  My son is seven, and after playing with him over the weekend, I made my own 🙂  I know, I’m a nerd.  It’s wonderful.


Here we see Swyftt fighting the cannibalistic bum at the beginning of The Dark Communion.  I imagine the gun in his hand is Grace.  Special bonus, he has the teddy bear.


The fight continues in the street next to the El Camino, complete with tool box full of guns.  True, The El Camino looks more like a pick up truck, but it’s an imperfect world and I had a limited selection of pieces to use (and not a lot of time).  In the background there, on the motorcycle and dual-wielding, is of course, everyone’s favorite Catholic priest, Father Austin Finnegan, in street clothes.  


Just another shot of Swyftt acting cocky and another view of his car.  Again, not a perfect figure.  I would have preferred him to have a bit of stubble, but it gets the message across.  Note the gloves.








  1. Josh Ruff says:

    I love it bro awesome!

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