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Posted: December 27, 2013 in Uncategorized
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My New Year’s Resolution for 2014, whatever that means, is to blog more.  I’m getting a jump-start to show I mean business 🙂

In case you are unaware, Book 2, The Stars Never Rise, was released on Halloween.  You’re welcome.

But seriously, it’s a bit surreal.  I was happy to publish one book in 2013, but I managed to eke out two.  It’s awesome.  And the question on everyone’s mind, of course, is…now what?

The Midnight Defenders is currently structured to tell Swyftt’s story in 10 books.  Obviously, there are supplemental short stories that fill in some gaps and give perspective on some other characters, and those will continue.  I’ve got a story I want to tell about Cassiday, exploring who he is, where he came from.  Especially, what he is.  That’s a pretty powerful reveal.  I’m not sure when I’ll get to that story, but tentatively, it will be titled “A Shot of Djinn.”  Before I can publish that one, I need a better handle on how Cassiday fits into the greater story the novels tell (or if he factors in at all).

In 2014, I plan to write at least two more shorts for Finnegan.  One of which will be titled “Friend of the Devil.”

Also, Book 3 will come in the later part of 2014.  I don’t have a title for it just yet, but I keep circling the phrase, “The Road to Eldamar.”  If you’ve read Book 2, that’s a bit of a hint at what Book 3 will involve.  The story is coming together slowly, and if you like the off-the-wall monsters, I promise that Book 3 will not disappoint.  One word: Tikbalang.

I also had a pretty amazing revelation during the Christmas Eve service at church.  The image our pastor painted was a dark and gritty image of the Nativity, a story I’ve heard so many times in my life it’s graduated to glossed-over fairy tale status in my mind’s eye.  Taking a realistic approach to that Silent Night, especially the character of Joseph, got me thinking.  Also, the Magi.  Many cool things came to me in vivid colors, call it a vision if you want, but I saw things, scenes, and I was amazed.  It got me asking the question, in a world where monsters are real (Swyftt’s world), there would be more than just King Herod’s men coming for the Christ child.  How that story plays out may very well change the entire dynamic of Swyftt’s world.  Watch for that in some form, short or novel, in the distant future.

In the meantime, as soon as the holiday season calms down, I’ll resume working on the edits to my Young Adult Fantasy, which is completely unrelated to Swyftt (a guy’s gotta have other interests besides gratuitous language and violence, right?).  Look for that book in the first quarter of 2014.

Also, mark your calendars, because I’m planning a book signing in the Flint, MI area around March.

  1. leftyhjones says:

    Congrats on a successful 2013 and good luck in 2014, looking forward to more of you writing!

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