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Friday night, I went to my local Lifeway store and met christian author Tosca Lee.  I’d picked up her first book, Demon, earlier that day and got her to sign it.  Even better, I got to talk a little about The Dark Communion with her and give her Swyftt’s business card.  Hopefully, she’ll take a look at it.

Even if she doesn’t, I got turned on to the writings of a major talent.  The book Demon, to which I’m only just beginning, has so far been highly engaging.  Think of the book as Interview with a Vampire, but with a Demon.  Lucian, who comes to the editor of a major publishing house, retells his story — beginning before the war in Heaven — with the disclaimer that humankind’s understanding of angels and demons, even the devil, is all wrong.

Check it out here: Demon: A Memoir

While waiting in line to meet Tosca, I spoke with a very nice woman who was there to introduce her family to Tosca. There was a personal connection that she had with the author, though I didn’t at first know what it was.  I let her cut me in line, and we struck up a casual conversation. I also had an opportunity to share my book with her, give her one of Swyftt’s cards.  Turns out, this was Tosca’s editor.

That was pretty cool.

However, the highlight of the evening was getting to meet Eric Wilson.

Two years ago, I volunteered for Killer Nashville, a convention for mystery writers and their fans.  They had awesome panel discussions, opportunities to meet your favorite authors, to pitch your ideas to visiting agents and editors.  It was a really awesome weekend, and I hope to volunteer there again this coming summer.

While there, I had an opportunity to meet an agent named Jonathan Clements, founder of Wheelhouse Literary in Nashville, TN.  While telling him about my book, he made the comment that I reminded him of Eric, whom he represented.

Let me just stop to say that I consider myself of a very unique perspective.  To have someone tell me that there’s another out there with similar views…that’s not something you hear everyday.  I was excited at the possibility of meeting a kindred spirit.

I’d never heard of Eric Wilson before that weekend, but on my way home from the con that day, I stopped off and picked up the first book in his paranormal series, a speculative work called Field of Blood, the first in his series title The Jerusalem Undead Trilogy.

Upon discovering this series, I quickly learned that not only was Jonathan Clements right in comparing me to him, but also that Eric’s ideas were so good that I quickly became jealous for not thinking of them myself.

In Wilson’s books, when Judas Iscariot hung himself in the Potter’s Field after betraying Jesus for thirty pieces of silver, his blood soaked into the soil and reanimated the corpses of those buried beneath.  And, in his rendition, this is where vampires come from.

Although, they aren’t vampires in the Twilight sense of the word.  They’re reanimated bodies inhabited by demons.  They have an agenda.  Opposing this agenda, are the reanimated dead that are mentioned in Matthew 27:52: “And tombs were opened, and the bodies of many saints who had diedwere raised.”

Check that one out here: Field of Blood

If you’ve read The Dark Communion, I’m not spoiling anything by saying vampires don’t exist in Swyftt’s world.  For years now, I’ve wrestled with the idea of doing a “christian” vampire story, whether or not it takes place within the world of the Midnight Defenders.  With a combination of sadness and pride, I can report that Wilson beat me to it.  But I also promise that if and when I get around to mine, it will be vastly different.

But I digress.

After Killer Nashville, after picking up the book, I emailed Eric Wilson.  I told him briefly of my meeting Clements, his agent, and of The Midnight Defenders.  He wrote back, and we continued to email back and forth for the past two years.  The most recent of which I told him about publishing the book and he telling me that he added it to his Amazon wishlist.

After meeting Tosca, I finally met Eric in person.  We talked to the point that my wonderful, dear wife and children became increasingly irate because the longer I talked to Eric, the hungrier they got and the further away dinner became.  But he gave me some good advice, which I’ve already begun to act upon, and I gave him a signed copy of The Dark Communion.

I really liked both Eric Wilson and Tosca Lee.  They came across as being very genuine, very wonderful people who just happened to be professional writers.  I hope to one day have that said about me.  I also hope to see Eric again.  He’s local to Nashville, so our paths may cross again.  I’m sure I can no doubt glean more wisdom from him.

I was terribly nervous driving to Lifeway for Tosca’s book signing, but I really believe God wanted me to go.  With most God things, I’m sure it won’t play out the way that makes sense in my head.  I’m sure Tosca’s editor won’t pick up a copy of my book and contact me to sign some multi-million dollar book deal.  And that’s okay.  If God sent me there, there’s undoubtedly a reason behind it.  I like to think that was served…or soon will be.

  1. Josh says:

    Awesome Joey, definitely a cool experience!!

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