This announcement should have been made back in February, but here it is.

I’m a giant nerd.  I like movies, TV shows, comic books & video games.  I love talking about those things and staying abreast on all the latest news.  It’s what I do in my free time.  So I decided to combine that love with my love of writing.  So now, I write about those things, give you my perspective on those things, and share my love with others who love them, too.


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It’s a place where nerds and those who love them can gather and share experiences.  If you like movies and TV shows, if you play video games, you’re going to want to know about that stuff.  Come and know about it with me.

Make it your homepage.  Share your thoughts and opinions with us.

And then check back here often, because I do have more of those writing projects you love being worked on as we speak.


This comes a week late, as the book’s street date was 1/16/17 — four years to the date that The Darkbb1-cover Communion was released.


The book is available in paperback and on Kindle through Amazon.

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The Fourth Grade Monster Hunter

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Happy New Year everyone!!

The new book has been sent to the printer.  Below, you can see the cover image and the synopsis.

The official street date for this book is 1/16/17, which is the exact same date in 2013 that my first novel, The Dark Communion was published.  Fitting that Adam gets his own adventure four years to the date that he was introduced to the world.

This book is designed for upper-elementary aged students, but takes place in the same world as the other books.  If you are a fan of the Midnight Defenders and you read this with your kids, you will get a broader view of the world that Swyftt lives in.


Benjamin Brooks was not born a monster hunter. He was just a normal kid, much like you probably are. Nothing special ever happened to him. That is, until he met the new neighbor. 
Only a day after moving in next door, Adam tells Ben that something in the forest needs their help, and it opens his world to wonders he had only dreamed of: a giant frog that can drink an entire river, weird turtle-men that like to eat apples, and a grasshopper that plays guitar. 
Soon, Ben and Adam find themselves on a race against time to discover the secrets of the forest and stop the evil that stalks after the sun goes down.  
For a fourth grader, hunting monsters isn’t a job, it’s an adventure.

The time has now come to tell you about a new project.

In case you don’t know (and most of you don’t), I have a ten year old son.  He is not the strongest reader, and some of that is on us, because we didn’t read to him as much as we did his sister when he was a baby.  The other part of that is he has technology that reads to him, and Netflix in his room, and Youtube.  There’s not much point in reading.

All of that to say, he has only a couple of books/series that he enjoys.  The Notebook of Doom by Troy Cummings and Jedi Academy by Jeffrey Brown.  The problem is, he has read all of those books, and the new ones don’t come out fast enough.  So, after an exhaustive search to find him a new book to read, I decided to write one for him.

Benjamin Brooks: Fourth-Grade Monster Hunter.title-2*

This is the first book in a new series designed specifically for upper-elementary students.  The best part (at least for me) is that it stays within the world of the Midnight Defenders.  To my knowledge, this is the first book for kids that has spun directly out of an adult series.

One of the main questions people asked me after reading my first novel, The Dark Communion, is what are you going to do with Adam Gables?  My answer was always the same.  Nothing.  He was a one-off character.

Well, he’s back.  When I set about writing this book, he was the logical character to bring in.  After the events of The Dark Communion, Adam’s mom wants a fresh start.  His older brother, Eric, goes off to college, so Mrs. Gables moves Adam away from Seattle to a small town in Oregon.  Where he meets Ben and they have their own adventure.

Here’s Ben and Adam:



I’ll have more of a synopsis and the cover image to share with you in the coming days. I will say, it involves kappas and tiddaliks and a grasshopper that plays guitar.

This book is coming January 2017.  But if you want it for a last-minute present for that youngster in your life, keep checking back, because I’m trying really hard to have it available before Christmas.  Just a few pictures left for the interior and a few final tweaks.


*not a final image

Happy National Superhero Day!

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Being that today is National Superhero Day, it seemed like the right time to make an announcement.

I’m currently seeking an artist to partner with to bring an original Superhero comic to life (see above). This will be a paying gig, but I’d prefer to work with someone that isn’t yet established, someone hungry for a chance to do something great! If that’s you, or someone you know, please send me an email at

As always, thanks for stopping by!!

New Story – Now Available

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I’m happy to announce that the third short story featuring ex-Priest Austin Finnegan is now available on Kindle:

kotf cover copy


After being falsely accused of trying to kill the Pope, Austin Finnegan’s problems only got worse. Now it’s a race against time to try and catch the real assassin.

But can he do it without getting caught himself… Or pulverized by the Pope’s elite Templar guards… Or murdered by a secretive sect of reptilian killers…?

Just a typical weekend in Philadelphia.

Between banging bitches, burning bridges, and beating bad guys, the ex-priest will need to depend on his wits and his few remaining allies to get him through it alive.


You can grab the story here.

Protected: Mighty Warrior

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